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How much you are safe after taking single dose of Covid-19 vaccine? Experts explain

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Medical experts have once more stressed upon the necessity to take care of Covid-19 appropriate behaviour even after one has received the primary shot of vaccine.

This for the straightforward reason that one isn’t immune against the virus till both the doses are taken. And even after both the doses are taken, it might take certain time before immunity can kick in. Hence, if one isn’t careful then one could catch the virus even after a vaccine dose has been administered.

We approached doctors to urge information on the difficulty because the Mumbai is undertaking simultaneous Phase One and Phase Two immunisation programme and is soon getting to start with the registration for Phase Three drive.

Doctor Rahul Pandit, Director-Critical Care, Fortis Hospital Mumbai says that antibodies develop within 15-20 days after the primary dose which are inadequate to offer protection which it’s after 15 days of the second dose when the antibodies effectively kick in.

“One might be infected immediately after taking the first dose, might be a suspect patient, could have a lively infection during the vaccination. Antibodies will give border protection only 15 days after the second dose, hence, coronavirus appropriate behaviour has got to be maintained in the least points.” he said.

Recently, in Maharashtra, quite a dozen such Covid-19 positive cases came to light wherein the healthcare staff had already been administered the primary vaccine dose.

Doctor Lancelot Pinto, Consultant Pulmonologist, PD Hinduja Hospital and MRC says that positive cases even after the vaccine dose aren’t surprising or unexpected. He said, “One would expect the protection offered by the vaccine to require a minimum of 2 weeks to manifest, and within the period before this, one can expect the danger of getting infected to be almost like that within the community. Even after 2 weeks, we all know that the vaccine isn’t foolproof with one dose.”

On being asked about the difficulty of some healthcare workers getting infected after the primary dose, he emphasises that the time once they got infected post-vaccination, absolutely the percentage of healthcare workers who got infected and therefore the severity of those infections would be important parameters to notice . He adds, “There is evidence to suggest that one doesn’t get severe disease post-vaccination, and if that’s indeed the case, this is able to be very reassuring.”

Doctor Pinto says that one shouldn’t be under the impression that the fear of the virus is behind us and that we can let the birds down.

“The protective measures that are recommended throughout the past year have remained unchanged: avoid the three C’s (crowded spaces, closed spaces and shut contact).”

So, what happens if one is infected after first dose:

Doctor Lancelot Pinto: The recommended schedule for those that are infected is to possess 2 doses just like the remainder of the population (once they need fully recovered from the infection.) If you get infected between the 2 doses, you ought to wait till you get over the infection and obtain out of isolation before taking the second dose. If you’ve got had severe disease, it might be prudent to consult your physician before being deemed fit have the vaccine.

Doctor Rahul Pandit: For those infected after the primary dose, just the second dose must be taken, however, this dose has got to be deferred by a minimum of 8-12 weeks.