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MP: 18-year-old schoolgirl jumped into canal and saved 2 lives

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BHOPAL: A schoolgirl’s heroism saved two of the only six persons who survived the Sidhi bus tragedy on Tuesday morning. Shivrani Lunia, 18, lives during a canalside hut in Sarda village and saw the bus plunge into the water.

She didn’t hesitate even a second and dived into the 40-ft-deep canal as it turned out , seconds are what separated life and death.
She found a lady gasping for air, wrapped an arm round her and swam together with her to the canal bank, say sources. Leaving her within the care of villagers, she jumped back to the canal, and this point brought a person to safety.

Local MP Riti Pathak brought her before mediapersons and said the teenager rescued a lady and elderly man. Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan tweeted his praise: “My pranam to daughter Shivrani’s bravery. She didn’t look after her life and saved two persons. The state is pleased with her.”

Another rescuer, Tej Bahadur Parihar, was witness to Shivrani’s bravery. “She jumped into the water and saved two persons. She studies in school, XII and may be a local resident. I had also jumped into the canal and helped rescue the survivors with people .”

All those that survived were saved by locals because the bus sank so quickly that police and specialist rescuers didn’t even get an opportunity of going to the spot in time. it had been the locals who informed police and administration about the accident. Seven persons were pulled out alive, but one among them, Pinki Gupta, died in hospital.