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British PM Boris Johnson faces mounting pressure to lift all Covid-19 lockdown restrictions

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under tons of pressure to lift all COVID-19 lockdowns. He has been given a deadline of two and a half months as lockdown-sceptic politicians called on him to plan to a timetable for alleviating the restrictions with an entire end to controls by the top of April.

The British Prime Minister hailed a ‘significant milestone’ on Sunday as data showed 15 million first doses of COVID-19 vaccinations had been delivered, fuelling involves the govt to start out relaxing stringent lockdown measures.

The vaccine programme is seen together of few successes within the government’s handling of an epidemic that has left the country with a better price and worse economic damage than its peers. With a population of around 67 million, the United Kingdom`s vaccination progress is among the fastest within the world.

The British government set a Feb. 15 target date to succeed in 15 million people in priority categories: care home residents and staff, frontline health and care workers, all those aged 70 or over and therefore the clinically extremely vulnerable.

Johnson said all those groups had been reached in England but didn’t represent Scotland or Northern Ireland , and didn’t say the general target had been met. Wales said it had met the target on Saturday.

Britain is additionally emerging from the worst of a second wave of the pandemic. On Sunday it reported nearly 11,000 new infections and another 258 deaths within 28 days of a positive COVID-19 test. The official price by this measure is over 117,000.

Britain Government data showed the entire receiving first vaccines doses was 15,062,189 and 537,715 second doses had also been administered. Johnson will began further progress on Monday.

Johnson will began on Washington’s Birthday the government’s plans to finish the lockdown. He has said he wants schools to reopen on March 8.

In March 2020, the Prime Minister had also tested positive for COVID-19 and underwent self-isolation for the duration of his recovery. He announced that he was only experiencing mild symptoms but was admitted to a hospital. Johnson was discharged and resumed work in April.