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AIIMS-Rishikesh intern dies 11 days after Covid vaccination

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DEHRADUN: A 24-year-old intern at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (Rishikesh) died on Sunday, 11 days after getting the Covid vaccine. Consistent with sources, the intern was administered the Covid jab in early February and was hospitalized of some medical complications on February 5. He battled in hospital till 14 Feb and died on Sunday night.

The authorities of AIIMS though denied that the death was due to any reaction from the vaccine and instead said that the intern had co-morbid illnesses. Notably, the central government guidelines stipulate that persons with co-morbidities shouldn’t take the vaccine.

A senior staffer from AIIMS Rishikesh told that the deceased hails from Gorakhpur. On the condition of anonymity, he also maintained that the intern received the vaccination shot within the second week of February and developed complications during a few days.

“The hospital authorities try to hush-up the matter because it is said to vaccination. However, students are circulating about this on various WhatsApp groups and demanding a search within the matter,” the AIIMS staff added.

Demanding a search within the matter, Dr Satendra Singh, a disability rights defender and medical man , said that albeit the death happened of encephalitis, it must be thoroughly probed on how the infection happened.
“As of February 9, over 23 deaths following Covid vaccine are reported, but details about them are still not out,” he added.

When contacted, director AIIMS-Rishikesh, Dr Ravikant told that the intern had returned from Gorakhpur on January 30 and he never informed the hospital about any quite fever or infection.

“The explanation for death is viral encephalitis and it’s nothing to try to to with the vaccine. But, he should have informed us about fever,” Dr Ravikant said.
Dr UB Mishra, Dean, hospital affairs, contrary to the director’s version, said that he had complained of fever after coming back from Gorakhpur and was even given medication for an equivalent .

“He had given history of 4 days during which he claimed to possess fever and vomiting that he was treated. The fever subsided. Then he was administered the vaccine on February 3,” said Dr Mishra, adding that Gorakhpur is endemic for encephalitis and there are chances that he may have gotten infected from there.